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Attributes of Contribution
A What is the major contribution of this work to the field of hydrology?
B How novel is this contribution?
C How significant is this contribution?
D Is this contribution suitable for the journal?
E Is this contribution of broad international interest?

Attributes of Research
F Are the objectives stated clearly?
G Are the methods appropriate? Are the mathematics correct?
H Are the data of good quality?
I Are the assumptions and analyses valid?
J To what extent are the interpretations/conclusions supported by the data/analyses?
K Overall quality of research

Attributes of Presentation
L Is this paper
1 well organized?
2 to the point/concise?
3 written clearly using correct grammar and syntax?

M Is the title informative and a reflection of the content?
N Are the objectives, methods, results and conclusions intelligible from the abstract alone?

O Are the figures/tables
1 useful and all necessary ?(suggest deletions)
2 of good quality? (suggest improvements)

P Is the referencing
1 relevant and up-to-date? (suggest additions) Y
2 excessive or unaccessible? (suggest deletions)N

Q Overall quality of presentation

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