Hierarchical Modelling for the Environmental Sciences: 
Statistical methods and applications


編者:James Samuel Clark, Alan E. Gelfand
出版社:Oxford University Press

輪読会実施:Jun 11 - 12, 2007


タイトル レジュメ 担当者
1章 Elements of hierarchical Bayesian influence PDF 山道
2章 Bayesian hierarchical models in geographical genetics PDF 石濱
3章 Synthesizing ecological experiments and observational data with hierarchical Bayes PDF 富田
4章 Effects of global change on inflorescence production: a Bayesian hierarchical analysis PDF 西廣
5章 Building statistical models to analyse species distributions PDF 深澤
6章 Implications of vulnerability to hurricane damage for long-term survival of tropical tree species: a Bayesian hierarchical analysis PDF 竹中
7章 Spatial temporal statistical modeling and prediction of environmental processes PDF 山北
8章 Hierarchical Bayesian spatio-temporal models for population spread PDF 角谷
9章 Spatial models for the distribution of extremes 熊沢